IDM 7.4.1

Password reset stage

This stage updates the managed object directly, changing the value of the configured identityPasswordField. To gather the initial requirements, the stage reads the managed user object, and checks that the email and userID of the object match what is in state. If they do not match, the stage exits with a Bad request exception.

If they do match, the stage returns with its requirements (the new password value). When the requirements are submitted, the stage advances, locates the userId again, and applies the new password. If the password is empty, the stage throws an exception. If the password is valid, the stage patches the managed user object directly to update the password. If the patch fails, the stage returns the requirements again, along with an error message (for example, a password policy requirement).

Example configuration
    "name" : "resetStage",
    "identityServiceUrl" : "managed/user",
    "identityPasswordField" : "password"

This stage cannot be the first stage in a process. It expects a previous stage to populate the userId and mail attributes of the user in state.

Required Parameters
  • identityServiceUrl - the managed object type on which this stage acts.

  • identityPasswordField - the managed object property that contains the user password.

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