IDM 7.4.1

All-in-one registration

A registration process that consists of more than one stage can include an optional "super stage" named allInOneRegistration, that is set outside of the stageConfigs array as follows:

"allInOneRegistration" : true

All-in-one registration covers a number of registration stages. If this property is true, in the registration process configuration, IDM scans the configuration for any of the following stages:

  • parameters

  • captcha

  • termsAndConditions

  • kbaSecurityAnswerDefinitionStage

  • consent

  • idmUserDetails

If any of these stages are found, the individual stages are effectively removed from the configuration, and a new configuration is generated that accumulates all the found stages.

The purpose of all-in-one registration is to obtain a set of initial requirements, then to advance to the end of all six stages simultaneously. This lets self-registration be completed on a single registration form. As the process advances, it gathers any output, errors, and others from all six stages (or however many stages have been configured). The process then returns whatever was gathered from the cumulative stages, including any outstanding requirements. Depending on the output, the process might be required to go through the stages more than once, as the outstanding requirements are provided.

All-in-one registration requires multiple registration stages. If your registration process includes only one stage, for example, consent, allInOneRegistration must be set to false, to preserve the registration flow.

If all-in-one registration is false, any additional stages listed in the registration process (selfservice-registration.json) must be listed after the parameters and idmUserDetails stages. If a stage occurs before the idmUserDetails stage without all-in-one registration, both social and regular registration will not work.

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