PingGateway 2024.6


Return a resource URL to include in policy decision requests to AM. The PolicyEnforcementFilter uses the returned resource URL as a key to identify cached policy decisions.

To increase performance, use RequestResourceUriProvider in conjunction with AM policies to maximize the the cache hit ratio.

When a request matches a cached policy decision, PingGateway can reuse the decision without asking AM for a new decision. When caching is disabled, PingGateway must ask AM to make a decision for each request.


"resourceUriProvider": {
  "type": "RequestResourceUriProvider",
  "config": {
    "useOriginalUri": configuration expression<boolean>,
    "includeQueryParams": configuration expression<boolean>


useOriginalUri: configuration expression<boolean>, optional

When 'true`, use the value of UriRouterContext.originalUri as the resource URL when requesting policy decisions from AM.

When false, use the current Request.uri value. Consider that the value might have been modified by the baseURI of the route or by any other filter executed before the PolicyEnforcementFilter.

Default: false

includeQueryParams: configuration expression<boolean>, optional

When true, include query parameters in the resource URL when requesting a policy decision from AM.

When false, strip all query parameters from the resource URL when requesting a policy decision from AM. To strip some but not all query parameters, use ScriptableResourceUriProvider.

Default: true

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