IG 7.2.0

Set up logs and configuration files

The following table summarizes the default location of the IG configuration and logs.

Purpose Default location on Linux Default location on Windows

Log messages from IG and third-party dependencies



Administration (admin.json)

Gateway (config.json)



Routes (Route)



SAML 2.0



Groovy scripts for scripted filters and handlers, and other objects



Temporary directory

To change the directory, configure temporaryDirectory in admin.json



JSON schema for custom audit

To change the directory, configure topicsSchemasDirectory in AuditService.



Secure the configuration and logs

For the /logs, /tmp, and all configuration directories, allow the following access:

  • Highest privilege the IG system account.

  • Least priviledge for specific accounts, on a case-by-case basis

  • No priviledge for all other accounts, by default

Change the default location of the configuration

By default, the base location for IG configuration files is in the following directory:

  • Linux

  • Windows


For IG in standalone mode, installed with the Windows startup batch script, the base location is configured in the batch script. For other installations, change the default base location in the following ways:

  • Set the IG_INSTANCE_DIR environment variable to the full path to the base location:

    • Linux

    • Windows

    $ export IG_INSTANCE_DIR=/path/to/instance-dir
    C:\set IG_INSTANCE_DIR=\path\to\instance-dir
  • For IG running in standalone mode, specify the base location as an argument. The following example reads the configuration from the config directory under the instance directory:

    • Linux

    • Windows

    $ /path/to/identity-gateway/bin/start.sh $HOME/.openig
    C:\path\to\identity-gateway\bin\start.bat appdata\OpenIG
  • For IG running in web container mode, set the ig.instance.dir Java system property to the full path of the base location. The following example starts Jetty in the foreground and sets the value of ig.instance.dir:

    $ java -Dig.instance.dir=/path/to/instance-dir -jar start.jar
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