IG 7.2.0


Authenticates OAuth 2.0 clients by using the client’s OAuth 2.0 credentials to obtain an access token from an authorization server, and injecting the access token into the inbound request as a Bearer Authorization header. The access token is valid for the configured scopes.

The ClientCredentialsOAuth2ClientFilter obtains the client’s access token by using the client_credentials grant type. Client authentication is provided by the endpointHandler property, which uses a client authentication filter, such as ClientSecretBasicAuthenticationFilter. The filter refreshes the access token as required.

Use the ClientCredentialsOAuth2ClientFilter in a service-to-service context, where services need to access resources protected by OAuth 2.0.


  "name": string,
  "type": "ClientCredentialsOAuth2ClientFilter",
  "config": {
    "secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference,
    "tokenEndpoint": configuration expression<url>,
    "scopes": [ configuration expression<string>, ... ],
    "endpointHandler": Handler reference


"secretsProvider": SecretsProvider reference, required

The SecretsProvider to use to resolve queried secrets, such as passwords and cryptographic keys. Provide either the name of a SecretsProvider object defined in the heap, or specify a SecretsProvider object inline.

"tokenEndpoint": configuration expression<url>, required

The URL to the authorization server’s OAuth 2.0 token endpoint.

"scopes": array of configuration expression<strings>, optional

Array of scope strings to request from the authorization server.

Default: Empty, request no scopes.

"endpointHandler": Handler reference, optional

The Handler to exchange tokens on the authorization endpoint.

Configure this property as a Chain, using one of the following client authentication filters:

  "name": "myHandler",
  "type": "Chain",
  "config": {
    "handler": "ForgeRockClientHandler",
    "filters": [
        "type": "ClientSecretBasicAuthenticationFilter",
        "config": {
          "clientId": "myConfidentialClient",
          "clientSecretId": "my.client.secret.id",
          "secretsProvider" : "mySystemAndEnvSecretStore",

Default: ForgeRockClientHandler

Log level

To facilitate debugging secrets for this filter, in logback.xml add a logger defined by the fully qualified package name of the secrets API backend. The following line in logback.xml sets the log level to ALL:

<logger name="org.forgerock.secrets.oauth2" level="ALL">


For an example, see Using OAuth 2.0 client credentials.

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