Changing the Default Location of the Configuration Folders

By default, the base location for IG configuration files is in the following directory:


Change the default base location in the following ways:

  • Set the IG_INSTANCE_DIR environment variable to the full path to the base location:

    $ export IG_INSTANCE_DIR=/path/to/instance-dir
    C:> set IG_INSTANCE_DIR=c:\path\to\instance-dir
  • For IG running in web container mode, set the ig.instance.dir Java system property to the full path of the base location. The following example starts Jetty in the foreground and sets the value of ig.instance.dir:

    $ java -Dig.instance.dir=/path/to/instance-dir -jar start.jar
  • For IG running in standalone mode, specify the base location as an argument. The following example reads the configuration from the config directory under /path/to/instance-dir:

    $ /path/to/identity-gateway/bin/ /path/to/instance-dir

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