Configuring Simple Throttling

This section describes how to use Studio to configure a simple throttling filter that applies a throttling rate of 6 requests/10 seconds. When an application is protected by this throttling filter, no more than 6 requests, irrespective of their origin, can access the sample application in a 10 second period.

Simple Throttling
Simple Throttling Filter

Configure Simple Throttling
  1. Add the following route to IG:

      "name": "00-throttle-simple",
      "baseURI": "",
      "condition": "${matches(request.uri.path, '^/home/throttle-simple')}",
      "handler": {
        "type": "Chain",
        "config": {
          "filters": [
              "type": "ThrottlingFilter",
              "name": "ThrottlingFilter-1",
              "config": {
                "requestGroupingPolicy": "",
                "rate": {
                  "numberOfRequests": 6,
                  "duration": "10 s"
          "handler": "ReverseProxyHandler"

    For information about how to set up the IG route in Studio, see "Simple Throttling Filter in Structured Editor".

    Notice the following features of the route:

    • The route matches requests to /home/throttle-simple.

    • The ThrottlingFilter contains a request grouping policy that is blank. This means that all requests are in the same group.

    • The rate defines the number of requests allowed to access the sample application in a given time.

  2. Test the setup:

    1. With IG and the sample application running, use curl, a bash script, or another tool to access the following route in a loop:

      Accessing the route in a loop runs the request multiple times in quick succession, allowing you to test the throttling rate.

      $ curl -v\[01-10\] \
      > /tmp/simple-throttle.txt 2>&1
    2. Search the output file to see the result:

      $ grep "< HTTP/1.1" /tmp/simple-throttle.txt | sort | uniq -c
      6 < HTTP/1.1 200 OK
      4 < HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests

      Notice that the first six requests returned a success response, and the following four requests returned an HTTP 429 Too Many Requests. This result demonstrates that the throttling filter has allowed only six requests to access the application, and has blocked the other requests.

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