Configuring Routers

The following config.json file configures a Router:

  "handler": {
    "type": "Router",
    "name": "_router",
    "baseURI": "",
    "capture": "all"
  "heap": [
      "name": "JwtSession",
      "type": "JwtSession"
      "name": "capture",
      "type": "CaptureDecorator",
      "config": {
        "captureEntity": true,
        "_captureContext": true

In this configuration, all requests are passed with the default settings to the Router. The Router scans $HOME/.openig/config/routes at startup, and rescans the directory every 10 seconds. If routes have been added, deleted, or changed, the router applies the changes.

The main router and any subrouters are used to build the monitoring endpoints. For information about monitoring endpoints, see "Monitoring Endpoints". For information about the parameters of a router, see "Router".

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