Development Mode and Production Mode

IG operates in the following modes:

  • Development mode (mutable mode)

    In development mode, by default all endpoints are open and accessible.

    You can create, edit, and deploy routes through IG Studio, and manage routes through Common REST, without authentication or authorization.

    Use development mode to evaluate or demo IG, or to develop configurations on a single instance. This mode is not suitable for production.

    For information about how to switch to development mode, see "Switching from Production Mode to Development Mode".

    For information about restricting access to Studio in development mode, see Restricting Access to Studio.

  • Production mode (immutable mode)

    In production mode, the /routes endpoint is not exposed or accessible.

    Studio is effectively disabled, and you cannot manage, list, or even read routes through Common REST.

    By default, other endpoints, such as /share and api/info are exposed to the loopback address only. To change the default protection for specific endpoints, configure an ApiProtectionFilter in admin.json and add it to the IG configuration.

    For information about how to switch to production mode, see "Switching From Development Mode to Production Mode".

After installation, IG is by default in production mode.

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