Editing the Example to Match Custom Settings

If you use a configuration that is different to that described in this chapter, consider the following tasks to adjust the sample to your configuration:

  1. Unpack the UMA files from the sample application described in Downloading and Starting the Sample Application to temporary folder:

    $ mkdir /tmp/uma
    $ cd /tmp/uma
    $ jar -xvf /path/to/IG-sample-application-7.0.2.jar webroot-uma
    created: webroot-uma/
    inflated: webroot-uma/bob.html
    inflated: webroot-uma/common.js
    inflated: webroot-uma/alice.html
    inflated: webroot-uma/index.html
    inflated: webroot-uma/style.css

  2. Edit the configuration in common.js, alice.html, and bob.html to match your settings.

  3. Repack the UMA sample client files and then restart the sample application:

    $ jar -uvf /path/to/IG-sample-application-7.0.2.jar webroot-uma
    adding: webroot-uma/(in = 0) (out= 0)(stored 0%)
    adding: webroot-uma/bob.html(in = 26458) (out= 17273)(deflated 34%)
    adding: webroot-uma/common.js(in = 3652) (out= 1071)(deflated 70%)
    adding: webroot-uma/alice.html(in = 27775) (out= 17512)(deflated 36%)
    adding: webroot-uma/index.html(in = 22046) (out= 16060)(deflated 27%)
    adding: webroot-uma/style.css(in = 811) (out= 416)(deflated 48%)
    updated module-info: module-info.class

  4. If necessary, adjust the CORS settings for AM.

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