About Throttling

The throttling filter uses the token bucket algorithm, allowing some unevenness or bursts in the request flow. The following image shows how IG manages requests for a throttling rate of 10 requests/10 seconds:

Throttling Strategy
  • At 7 seconds, 2 requests have previously passed when there is a burst of 9 requests. IG allows 8 requests, but disregards the 9th because the throttling rate for the 10-second throttling period has been reached.

  • At 8 and 9 seconds, although 10 requests have already passed in the 10-second throttling period, IG allows 1 request each second.

  • At 17 seconds, 4 requests have passed in the previous 10-second throttling period, and IG allows another burst of 6 requests.

When the throttling rate is reached, IG issues an HTTP status code 429 Too Many Requests and a Retry-After header like the following, where the value is the number of seconds to wait before trying the request again:

GET http://openig.example.com:8080/home/throttle-scriptable HTTP/1.1
. . .

HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests
Retry-After: 10
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