Provides the cross-domain SSO properties for the CDSSO token, the user ID of the session, and the full claims set. When the "CrossDomainSingleSignOnFilter" processes a request, it injects the information in this context.


The context is named cdsso, and is accessible at ${contexts.cdsso}. The context has the following properties:

"claimsSet": JwtClaimsSet object, required

Full claims set for the identity of the authenticated user. Cannot be null.

"cookieInfo": object

Configuration data for the CDSSO authentication cookie, with the following attributes:

  • name: Cookie name (string)

  • domain: Cookie domain (optional string)

  • path: Cookie path (string)

None of the attributes can be null.

redirectEndpoint": string

Redirect endpoint URI configured for communication with AM. Cannot be null.

"sessionUid": string

Universal session ID. Cannot be null.

"token": string

Value of the CDSSO token. Cannot be null.

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