Processes a request through a sequence of handlers. This allows multi-request processing such as retrieving a form, extracting form content (for example, nonce) and submitting in a subsequent request. Each handler in the bindings is dispatched to in order; the binding postcondition determines if the sequence should continue.


    "name": string,
    "type": "SequenceHandler",
    "config": {
        "bindings": [
                "handler": Handler reference,
                "postcondition": runtime expression<boolean>


"bindings": array of objects, required

A list of bindings of handler and postcondition to determine that sequence continues.

"handler": Handler reference, required

Dispatch to this handler.

Either the name of the handler heap object to dispatch to, or an inline Handler configuration object.

See also Handlers.

"postcondition": runtime expression<boolean>, optional

If the expression evaluates to true, the sequence continues. If a condition is not specified, the sequence continues unconditionally.

Default: No condition is specified.

See also "Expressions".

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