This filter acts as a policy enforcement point, protecting access as a User-Managed Access (UMA) resource server. Specifically, this filter ensures that a request for protected resources includes a valid requesting party token with appropriate scopes before allowing the response to flow back to the requesting party.

UMA 2.0 is supported with AM 5.5 and later versions. UMA 1.0 is supported with AM 5.1 and later versions.


    "type": "UmaFilter",
    "config": {
        "protectionApiHandler": Handler reference,
        "umaService": UmaService reference,
        "realm": string


"protectionApiHandler": Handler reference, required

The handler to use when interacting with the UMA authorization server for token introspection and permission requests, such as a ClientHandler capable of making an HTTPS connection to the server.

For details, see Handlers.

"umaService": UmaService reference, required

The UmaService to use when protecting resources.

For details, see "UmaService".

"realm": string, optional

The UMA realm set in the response to a request for a protected resource that does not include a requesting party token enabling access to the resource.

Default: uma

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