Deploying and Undeploying Routes

Deploy a Route
  1. In Studio, select ROUTES, and then select a route created with the structured editor (with the icon).

  2. On the top-right of the screen, select and Display to review the route.

  3. If the route is okay, select Deploy to push the route to the IG configuration.


    If the route configuration is not valid, or if a service that the route relies on, such as an AM service, is not available, the route fails to deploy.

    The route status Deployed is displayed, and the Deploy button is grey and disabled.

  4. Check the $HOME/.openig/config/routes folder in your IG configuration to see that the route is there.

    By default, routes are loaded automatically into the IG configuration. You don't need to stop and restart IG. For more information, see "Preventing the Reload of Routes".

  5. Check the system log to confirm that the route was loaded successfully into the configuration. For information about logs, see Managing Logs.

Undeploy a Route
  1. In Studio, select ROUTES and then select a route with the status Deployed.

  2. On the top-right of the screen, select and Undeploy, and then confirm your request.

    The route is removed from the IG configuration. On the Studio screen, the route status Deployed is no longer displayed, and the Deploy option is active again.

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