Single Sign-On in Structured Editor

This section describes how to set up SSO in the structured editor of Studio. For more information about setting up SSO, see Single Sign-On and Cross-Domain Single Sign-On.

Set Up SSO
  1. In IG Studio, create a route:

    1. Go to, and select Create a route.

    2. Select Structured to use the structured editor.

  2. Select Advanced options on the right, and create a route with the following options:

    • Base URI:

    • Condition: Path: /home/sso-studio

    • Name: sso-studio

  3. Configure authentication:

    1. Select Authentication.

    2. Select Single Sign-On, and enter the following information:

      • AM service: Configure an AM service to use for authentication:

        • URI:

        • Agent: The credentials of the agent you created in AM.

          • Username: ig_agent

          • Password: password

      Leave all other values as default.

  4. On the top-right of the screen, select and Display to review the route.

    The following route should be displayed:

      "name": "sso-studio",
      "baseURI": "",
      "condition": "${matches(request.uri.path, '^/home/sso-studio')}",
      "heap": [
          "name": "AmService-1",
          "type": "AmService",
          "config": {
            "url": "",
            "realm": "/",
            "agent": {
              "username": "ig_agent",
              "password": "password"
            "sessionCache": {
              "enabled": false
      "handler": {
        "type": "Chain",
        "config": {
          "filters": [
              "name": "SingleSignOnFilter-1",
              "type": "SingleSignOnFilter",
              "config": {
                "amService": "AmService-1"
          "handler": "ReverseProxyHandler"

  5. Select Deploy to push the route to the IG configuration.

    You can check the $HOME/.openig/config/routes folder to see that the route is there.

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