Managing the Route's Chain

The Chain view lists the filters in the order that they appear in the configuration.

Some filters have a natural position in the chain. For example, so that an authenticated user is given the correct permissions, an authentication filter must come before an authorization filter. Similarly, so that an authorization token is transformed, an authorization filter always comes before a token transformation filter.

Other filters have a flexible position in the chain. For example, an AssignmentFilter can be used before a request is handled or after a response is handled.

When the position of a filter is fixed, it is automatically placed in the correct position in the chain; you cannot change the position. When the position of a filter is flexible, the icon is displayed, and you can drag the filter into a different position in the chain.

Select Chain to view and manage the filters in the chain as follows:

  • When the icon is displayed, drag a filter up ot down the chain.

  • Select to edit a filter.

  • Select to disable and remove a filter from the chain.

For information about chains, see "Chain".

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