Importing Routes Into Studio

When you import a route into Studio, it is imported in editor mode. You can use the JSON editor to manually edit the route, but can't use the full Studio interface to add or edit filters.

Routes created only in the menus of structured editor have the icon . Routes created only in the menus of freeform designer have the icon . Imported routes and routes edited in editor mode have the icon { }.

Import a Route Into Studio
  1. In Studio, select ROUTES and then Import a route.

  2. Click in the window to import a route, or drag a route from your filesystem.

    If the route has a name property, the name is automatically used for the Name and ID fields in Studio.

  3. If necessary, make the following changes, and then select Import:

    • If the Name and ID fields are empty, enter a unique name and ID for the route.

    • If the Name and ID fields are outlined in red, the route name or ID already exists in Studio. Change the name and ID to be unique.

    • If an error message is displayed, the route is not valid JSON. Fix the route and then try again to import it.

    The route is added to the list of routes on the ROUTES page.

  4. Deploy the route as described in "Deploying and Undeploying Routes".

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