Editing Routes In Editor Mode

After creating a route in Studio, you can edit it by using the options offered in Studio, or by switching to editor mode and using the JSON editor.

Routes created only in the menus of structured editor have the icon . Routes created only in the menus of freeform designer have the icon . Imported routes and routes edited in editor mode have the icon { }.


When you go into editor mode, you can use the JSON editor to manually edit the route, but can no longer use the full Studio interface to add to or edit the configuration.

Edit and Redeploy a Route
  1. In Studio, select ROUTES, and then select a route created with the structured editor (with the icon).

  2. Edit the route in Studio or manually:

    • To edit in Studio, select options offered in Studio.

    • To edit manually, select and Editor mode, and use the JSON editor to edit the route.

    If the route status is Deployed, it changes to Changes pending.

  3. Deploy the route as described in "Deploying and Undeploying Routes".

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