Creating Simple Routes

Create a Simple Route
  1. In IG Studio, create a route:

    1. Go to, and select Create a route.

    2. Select Structured to use the structured editor.

  2. Enter the URL of the application you want to protect, followed by a path condition to access the route. For example, enter

    The route is created, and menus to add configuration objects to the route are displayed.

  3. On the top-right of the screen, select and Display to review the route.

    A route similar to this is displayed, where the path condition is used for the route name:

      "name": "my-basic-route",
      "baseURI": "",
      "condition": "${matches(request.uri.path, '^/my-basic-route')}",
      "handler": "ReverseProxyHandler"

Read a different version of :