Java Policy Agents 5.9.1

Access Denied URI Map

Resource Access Denied URI

The URIs of custom pages to return when access is denied. The key is the web application name. The value is the custom URI.

To set a global custom access denied URI for web applications without other custom access denied URIs defined, leave the key empty and set the value to the global custom access denied URI, /sample/accessdenied.html.

To set a custom access denied URI for a specific web application, set the key to the name of the web application, and the value to the web application access denied URI, such as /myApp/accessdenied.html.

Specify a full URL if required, including the host name. For example:

Property name

Property aliases

com.sun.identity.agents.config.access.denied.uri (since 5.0) (since 5.6)



  • Keys: web application

  • Values: URI of page saying 'access denied'

Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


Local configuration file

AM console tab


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