Java Policy Agents 5.9.1

Properties Reference

This reference covers agent configuration properties.

When you create the agent profile, you choose whether to store the agent configuration in AM’s configuration store or locally to the agent installation. The local configuration file syntax is the same as of a standard Java properties file.

Property Aliases

A property alias specifies a path for a property. One property can have an unlimited number of aliases, however, an alias must be unique.

Aliases starting with org.forgerock follow a naming convention to provide information about the property.

When a property has multiple aliases, the agent evaluates the aliases in alphabetical order. If the aliases each specify a different value for the property, the agent assigns the value specified by the first alias in the alphabetical order, and then propagates that value to the other aliases.

The following example assigns different values to a property with three aliases:

The agent evaluates first, and propagates that value to the other aliases, resulting in this:

Property Files

The agent searches for local property files in a location defined by a property added to JAVA_OPTS.

In Tomcat, the agent can take the file location from bin/ as follows:

JAVA_OPTS="$JAVA_OPTS -Dopenam.agents.bootstrap.dir=/path/to/agents/agent/agent_instance/config"

Properties by Function

The agent configurations support properties that have the following functions.

Access Denied URI

Fragment Relay

Fully Qualified Domain Name

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