Java Policy Agents 5.9.1

Authentication Redirect URI

CDSSO Redirect URI

The URI the agent uses to process authentication requests.

When this property is not defined, the redirect URI is provided by AM.

When this property is defined and Location of Agent Configuration Repository is REMOTE, AM overwrites this property.

If OIDC authentication is being used, changing the value of this property while the agent is running prevents it from functioning. Restart the agent immediately after the value in AM is altered and the properties saved.

Property name


Property aliases

org.forgerock.agents.authn.redirect.uri (since 5.6)

com.sun.identity.agents.config.cdsso.redirect.uri (since 5.0)



Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required

Yes - Restart the container after changing the property

Local configuration file

AM console tab


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