Java Policy Agents 5.9.1


Deprecation is defined in Release Levels and Interface Stability.

Deprecated Functionality in Java Agent 5.9.1

No additional functionality was deprecated in this release.

Deprecated Functionality in Java Agent 5.9

The following objects are deprecated:

Deprecated In Object Description

Java Agent 5.9

Fall-Forward Mode (deprecated)

Replaced by Strategy when AM unavailable

Autonomous mode

This property was previously labelled Fallback Mode; it is now labelled Autonomous Mode.

Agent Filter Mode Map

The agent filter mode ALL is deprecated, and replaced by URL_POLICY

Java Agent 5.6

Enable Notification of Session Logout (deprecated)

Whole object

POST Data Preservation Cache TTL in Milliseconds (deprecated)

Whole object

Port Check Filename (deprecated)

Whole object

Port Check Protocol Map (deprecated)

Whole object

Enable Port Checking (deprecated)

Whole object

Legacy User Agent Redirect URI (deprecated)

Whole object

Enable Legacy Support Handlers (deprecated)

Whole object

Legacy User Agent List (deprecated)

Whole object

Obsolete Notification URL (deprecated)

Whole object

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