Web Policy Agents 2024.3

Enforce policy decisions from Identity Cloud

This example sets up ForgeRock Identity Cloud as a policy decision point for requests processed by Web Agent. For more information about Web Agent, refer to the User guide.

  1. Using the ForgeRock Identity Cloud docs, log in to Identity Cloud as an administrator.

  2. Make sure you are managing the alpha realm. If not, switch realms.

  3. Create a policy set and policy.

  4. Create an agent profile.

    When a policy set is assigned to the agent profile during creation, the agent uses that policy set. If a suitable policy set isn’t available during creation, select Edit advanced settings to edit or create one and assign it to the agent profile.

  5. Test the setup:

    1. Go to http://agent.example.com:80. The Identity Cloud login page is displayed.

    2. Log in to Identity Cloud as user demo, password Ch4ng3!t, to access the web page protected by the Web Agent.

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