Web Policy Agents 2024.3

Audits and logs

Audit trails

For security, troubleshooting, and regulatory compliance, agents are able to audit information for allowed and/or denied requests.

The agent audit logging service adheres to the log structure common across the ForgeRock Identity Platform. For information, refer to Auditing.

Web Agent supports propagation of the transaction ID across the ForgeRock Identity Platform, using the HTTP header X-ForgeRock-TransactionId. Consider configuring this header to prevent malicious actors from flooding the system with requests using the same transaction ID header to hide their tracks. For information, refer to Trust transaction headers in AM’s Security guide.

Log files

Agent logs contain informational, error, and warning events, to troubleshoot and debug transactions and events that take place within the agent instance.

Protect logs from unauthorized access, and make sure they contain a minimum of sensitive or personally identifiable information that could be used in attacks.

Make sure Agent Debug Level is the lowest level of logging necessary. For example, consider logging at the ERROR or WARNING level, instead of TRACE or MESSAGE. Learn more from logging configuration properties.

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