Web Policy Agents 2024.3

Attribute fetch modes

For information about properties to configure attribute fetching, refer to Attribute processing.

Web Agent can fetch user information, and inject it into HTTP request headers and cookies, and pass them on to the protected client applications. The client applications can then personalize content using these attributes in their web pages or responses.

When injecting information into HTTP headers, do not use underscores (_) in the header name. Underscores are incompatible with systems that run CGI scripts, and the header can be silently dropped.

You can configure the type of attributes to be fetched, and the associated mappings for the attributes names used in AM, to those values used in the web server. The agent securely fetches the user and session data from the authenticated user, as well as policy response attributes.

For example, you can have a web page that addresses the user by name retrieved from the user profile, for example "Welcome Your-Name!". AM populates part of the request (header, form data) with the CN from the user profile, and the website consumes and displays it.

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