Web Policy Agents 2024.3

Drop-in software update

Perform a drop-in software update

  1. Read the release notes for information about changes in Web Agent.

  2. Download the agent binaries from the ForgeRock BackStage download site.

  3. Redirect client traffic away from the protected website.

  4. Stop the web server where the agent is installed.

  5. Replace the following executable files in the current installation with the corresponding files in the downloaded binaries, and make sure that they have the same permissions as the original files:

    • Apache Web Agent:

      • web_agents/apache24_agent/lib/mod_openam.so

      • web_agents/apache24_agent/bin/agentadmin

    • IIS Web Agent:

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_iis_openam_64.dll

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_iis_openam_64.pdb

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_iis_openam_32.dll

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_iis_openam_32.pdb

      • web_agents/iis_agent/bin/agentadmin.exe

      • web_agents/iis_agent/bin/agentadmin.pdb

    • ISAPI Web Agent:

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_isapi_openam_64.dll

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_isapi_openam_64.pdb

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_isapi_openam_32.dll

      • web_agents/iis_agent/lib/mod_isapi_openam_32.pdb

      • web_agents/iis_agent/bin/agentadmin.exe

      • web_agents/iis_agent/bin/agentadmin.pdb

    • NGINX Plus Web Agent:

      • web_agents/nginx<version-number>_agent/lib/openam_ngx_auth_module.so

      • web_agents/nginx<version-number>_agent/bin/agentadmin

        Use the module in the directory for your NGINX version. The following example is for NGINX Plus 29: web_agents/nginx29_agent/lib/openam_ngx_auth_module.so

  6. Start the web server where the agent is installed.

  7. Validate that the agent is performing as expected in the following ways:

    • Check in /path/to/web_agents/agent_type/log/system_n.log that the new version of the agent is running.

    • Go to a protected page on the website and confirm whether you can access it according to your configuration.

    • Check logs files for errors.

    To troubleshoot your environment, run the agentadmin command with the --V option.
  8. Allow client traffic to flow to the protected website.

Roll back from a drop-in software update

Before you roll back to an earlier version of Web Agent, consider whether any change to the configuration during or since upgrade could be incompatible with the earlier version.

To roll back from a drop-in software update, run through the procedure in Drop-in software update, but replace the executables with the earlier files, or with those from an earlier version of the agent.

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