Web Policy Agents 2024.6

PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud guide

Ping Identity Platform serves as the basis for our simple and comprehensive Identity and Access Management solution. For more information, visit https://www.pingidentity.com.

About this guide

This guide is for customers using an agent-based integration model, with AM on-premise, or another on-premise access management solution. The guide provides an example of how to transition from on-premise access management to PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud without changing the architecture of the agent-based model.

The examples in this document are based on an available version of PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud. As PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud evolves, the examples in this document will be updated to reflect the changes.

Example installation for this guide

PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud is described in the PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud Docs.

Find the value of the following properties:

  • The agent URL. This guide uses Web Agent installed on http://agent.example.com:80, in the alpha realm.

  • The root URL of your PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud tenant. This guide uses https://tenant.forgeblocks.com:443.

  • The server URL of the AM component of the PingOne Advanced Identity Cloud tenant. This guide uses https://tenant.forgeblocks.com:443/am.

  • The realm where you work. This guide uses alpha.

If you use a different configuration, substitute in the procedures accordingly.

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