Web Policy Agents 2024.6

Use Cached Configuration After Update

Use this property only on recommendation from support, to reduce unnecessary concurrent authentication requests to AM.

When the agent receives requests after the agent config has been updated in AM, a single request thread calls AM to download the new configuration. This property manages the response for the concurrent request threads, as follows:

  • false: Concurrent request threads wait for the time specified by TCP Receive Timeout for the retrieving request thread to complete, and then they use the new configuration.

  • true: Concurrent request threads that can use the out-of-date, cached configuration do so, without waiting for the new configuration.

Set this property according to the value of Location of Agent Configuration Repository:

  • local: In the local configuration file agent.conf

  • central: In the AM console. The value in the AM console takes precedence over agent.conf

Default: false

Property name

  Introduced in Web Agent 4.x




Boolean: true returns true; all other strings return false.

Bootstrap property


Required property


Restart required


AM console

Tab: Advanced

Title: Use Cached Configuration After Update

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