Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0

What’s New in 2022.11.0

Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0 is a major release containing a collection of security fixes and bug fixes released as part of our commitment to support our customers.

To view the list of fixes in this release, see Key Fixes in Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0.

There is also a known issue with Red Hat Linux Enterprise 8 and CentOS Stream 8 and overlay networks, see Known Issues in 2022.11.0.

For general information on ForgeRock’s maintenance and patch releases, see Maintenance and Patch availability policy.

You can deploy Autonomous Identity 2022.11.0 as an initial deployment or upgrade it from an existing 2021.8.7 deployment.

Improvements/Changes in Configuration

  • Upgraded deployer script. Autonomous Identity introduces a new deployer script, Deployer Pro. The Deployer Pro script downloads and installs Autonomous Identity within your environment. However, customers must now install the third-party software dependencies required for Autonomous Identity prior to running Deployer Pro on new deployments only. The deployer pro lets customers install and configure those dependencies best suited for their network environment as well as their scale, performance, high availability (HA), and disaster recovery (DR) requirements.

    Customers with existing 2021.8.7 deployments can upgrade their Autonomous Identity systems to 2022.11, while maintaining their existing third-party software components used in their 2021.8.7 deployments.
  • Upgraded components. The following third-party software dependencies are supported in new Autonomous Identity deployments:

    • OpenSearch and OpenSearch Dashboards 1.3.6

    • Apache Cassandra 4

    • Apache MongoDB 4.4

    • Apache Spark 3.3

    • Apache Livy with log4j2 support

    • Python 3.8

    • OpenJDK 11

  • Internal Security Fixes. ForgeRock has made a number of important security fixes and updates.

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