File Upload

IDM supports a generic file upload service at the file endpoint. Files are uploaded either to the filesystem or to the repository. For information about configuring this service, and for command-line examples, see "Upload Files to the Server".

IDM provides REST access to the file upload service, as listed in the following table:

URIHTTP OperationDescription
/openidm/file/handler/PUTUploads a file to the specified file handler. The file handler is either the repository or the filesystem and the context path is configured in the conf/file-handler.json file.
/openidm/file/handler/filenameGETReturns the file content in a base 64-encoded string within the returned JSON object.
/openidm/file/handler/filename?_fields=content&_mimeType=mimeType"GETReturns the file content with the specified MIME type.
/openidm/file/handler/filenamemimeType"DELETEDeletes an uploaded file.
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