Reconciliation Operations

You can interact with the reconciliation engine over REST, as shown in the following table:

URIHTTP OperationDescription
/openidm/reconGETLists all reconciliation runs, including those in progress. Inspect the state property to see the reconciliation status.
/openidm/recon?_action=recon&mapping=mapping-namePOSTLaunches a reconciliation run with the specified mapping.
/openidm/recon?_action=reconById&mapping=mapping-name&id=idPOSTRestricts the reconciliation run to the specified ID.
/openidm/recon/id?_action=cancelPOSTCancels the specified reconciliation run.

The following example runs a reconciliation for the mapping systemHrdb_managedUser:

curl \
--header "X-OpenIDM-Username: openidm-admin" \
--header "X-OpenIDM-Password: openidm-admin" \
--header "Accept-API-Version: resource=1.0" \
--request POST \
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