Managed Users

User objects are stored in the repository and are exposed under the context path /managed/user. Many examples of REST calls related to this context path exist throughout this document. The following table lists available functionality associated with the /managed/user context path.

URIHTTP OperationDescription
/openidm/managed/user?_queryFilter=true&_fields=_idGETLists the IDs of all the managed users in the repository.
/openidm/managed/user?_queryFilter=trueGETLists all info for the managed users in the repository.
/openidm/managed/user?_queryFilter=filterGETQueries the managed user object with the defined filter.
/openidm/managed/user/_idGETReturns the JSON representation of a specific user.
/openidm/managed/user/_idPUTCreates a new user.
/openidm/managed/user/_idPUTUpdates a user entry (replaces the entire entry).
/openidm/managed/user?_action=createPOSTCreates a new user.
/openidm/managed/user?_action=patch&_queryId=for-userName&uid= userNamePOSTUpdates a user (can be used to replace the value of one or more existing attributes).
/openidm/managed/user/_idPATCHUpdates specified fields of a user entry.
/openidm/managed/user/_idDELETEDeletes a user entry.

For a number of sample commands that show how to manage users over REST, see "Managed Users".

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