You can interact with the updates engine over REST, as shown in the following table:

URIHTTP OperationDescription
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=availablePOSTLists update archives in the project-dir/openidm/bin/update/ directory.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=preview&archive=patch.zipPOSTLists file states of the current installation, relative to the patch.zip archive, using checksums.
openidm/maintenance/update?_action=listMigrations&archive=patch.zipPOSTGets a list of repository migrations for a given update type.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=getLicense&archive=patch.zipPOSTRetrieves the license from the patch.zip archive.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=listRepoUpdates&archive=patch.zipPOSTGets a list of repository update archives; use the path in the output for the endpoint with repo files.
/openidm/maintenance/update/archives/patch.zip/path?_field=contents&_mimeType=text/plainPOSTGet files for the specific repository update, defined in the path.
/openidm/maintenance?_action=enablePOSTActivates maintenance mode; you should first run the commands in Pause All Scheduled Jobs.
/openidm/maintenance?_action=disablePOST Disables maintenance mode; you can then re-enable scheduled tasks.
/openidm/maintenance?_action=statusPOSTReturns current maintenance mode information.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=update&archive=patch.zipPOSTStarts an update with the patch.zip archive.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=installedPOSTRetrieves a summary of all installed updates.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=restartPOSTRestarts IDM.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=lastUpdateIdPOSTReturns the _id value of the last successful update.
/openidm/maintenance/update?_action=markComplete&updateId=id_stringPOSTFor an update with PENDING_REPO_UPDATES for one or more repositories, mark as complete. Replace id_string with the value of _id for the update archive.
/openidm/maintenance/update/log/_idGETGets information about an update, by _id (status, dates, file action taken).
/openidm/maintenance/update/log/?_queryFilter=trueGETGets information about all past updates, by repository.
Update Status Message
IN_PROGRESS Update has started, not yet complete.
PENDING_REPO_UPDATES Update is complete, updates to the repository are pending.
COMPLETE Update is complete.
FAILEDUpdate failed, not yet reverted.

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