Run Parallel Reconciliation Threads

By default, reconciliation is multithreaded; numerous threads are dedicated to the same reconciliation run. Multithreading generally improves reconciliation performance. The default number of threads for a single reconciliation run is 10 (plus the main reconciliation thread). Under normal circumstances, you should not need to change this number. However the default might not be appropriate in the following situations:

  • The hardware has many cores and supports more concurrent threads. As a rule of thumb for performance tuning, start with setting the thread number to twice the number of cores.

  • The source or target is an external system with high latency or slow response times. Threads may then spend considerable time waiting for a response from the external system. Increasing the available threads enables the system to prepare or continue with additional objects.

To change the number of threads, set the taskThreads property in your mapping:

"mappings" : [
        "name" : "systemCsvfileAccounts_managedUser",
        "source" : "system/csvfile/account",
        "target" : "managed/user",
        "taskThreads" : 20

A zero value runs reconciliation as a serialized process, on the main reconciliation thread.

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