Remove a Connector


Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. For the latest documentation, refer to the ICF documentation.

If you have reason to remove a connector, be careful. If you remove a connector used in a mapping, while it's part of a scheduled task, you may see unintended consequences.

If you're removing a connector, consider the following checklist. Depending on your configuration, this list may not be comprehensive:

  • Consider the remote resource. Make sure you no longer need data from that resource, and that the resource no longer requires data from IDM.

  • Open the sync.json file for your project. Delete the code block associated with the mapping.

  • Review the schedule-recon.json file. If it contains the schedule for a single operation, delete the file, or update it as a schedule for a different mapping.

When these steps are complete, you can delete the connector configuration file, typically named provisioner-*.json.

You can also delete the connector via the Admin UI. Log in as openidm-admin and select Configure > Connectors. Find the target connector, select the vertical ellipsis > widget. In the pop-up menu that appears, press Delete. The Admin UI will automatically make the specified changes to the noted configuration files.

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