Configuring How Results Are Handled


Connectors continue to be released outside the IDM release. For the latest documentation, refer to the ICF documentation.

The resultsHandlerConfig object specifies how OpenICF returns results. These configuration properties do not apply to all connectors and depend on the interfaces that are implemented by each connector. For information about the interfaces that connectors support, see the Connectors Guide.

The following example shows a results handler configuration object:

"resultsHandlerConfig" : {
    "enableNormalizingResultsHandler" : true,
    "enableFilteredResultsHandler" : false,
    "enableCaseInsensitiveFilter" : false,
    "enableAttributesToGetSearchResultsHandler" : false

boolean, false by default

When this property is enabled, ICF normalizes returned attributes to ensure that they are filtered consistently. If the connector implements the attribute normalizer interface, enable the interface by setting this property to true. If the connector does not implement the attribute normalizer interface, the value of this property has no effect.


boolean, false by default

Most connectors use the filtering and search capabilities of the remote connected system. In these cases, you can leave this property set to false. If the connector does not use the remote system's filtering and search capabilities, you must set this property to true.

All the non-scripted connectors, except for the CSV connector, use the filtering mechanism of the remote system. In the case of the CSV connector, the remote resource has no filtering mechanism, so you must set enableFilteredResultsHandler to true. For the scripted connectors, the setting will depend on how you have implemented the connector.


boolean, false by default

This property applies only if enableFilteredResultsHandler is set to true. The filtered results handler is case-sensitive by default. For example, a search for lastName = "Jensen" will not match a stored user with lastName : jensen. When the filtered results handler is enabled, you can use this property to enable case-insensitive filtering. If you leave this property set to false, searches on that resource will be case-sensitive.


boolean, false by default

By default, IDM determines which attributes should be retrieved in a search. If you set this property to true, the ICF framework removes all attributes from the READ/QUERY response, except for those that are specifically requested. For performance reasons, you should set this property to false for local connectors and to true for remote connectors.

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