ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.5

Password updates

Password updates provide a method for the user to update their password without assistance from an administrator. The ForgeRock Identity Platform includes a sample Update Password journey. Unlike the other sample self-service journeys, the update password journey assumes the user is already logged in, and gets the user’s current session data to identify the user. It then presents a prompt to update the user’s password, and uses a Patch Object node to update the password in IDM. An example of where you might use a journey like this is in an update password link placed in the user’s profile or settings.

Sample update password journey

Make sure that the Patch Object node's Patch As Object field is not selected (equivalent to false).

To allow users to update their password through the End User UI profile page using the Reset link, set a self-service tree for the password update journey:

  1. Log in to the AM admin UI and switch to the relevant realm.

  2. From the left navigation pane, click Services.

  3. Select Self Service Trees.

  4. Set a new key and value and click + Add:




    The name of the journey

  5. Click Save Changes.

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