ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.5

Prepare the servers

This is not a comprehensive platform implementation guide. These sample setup instructions show a minimal integration of platform components to get you started.

The ForgeRock Identity Platform offers maximum extensibility and flexibility in self-managed deployments. The platform includes many features and options these sample setup instructions do not cover. If you don’t need maximum extensibility and flexibility, there are simpler alternatives:

  • To consume the platform as a service, use ForgeRock Identity Cloud.

  • To deploy in Kubernetes, start with the ForgeOps reference implementation.

For help with your deployment and to validate your plans before deploying in production, contact ForgeRock.


The sample deployments use software from the ForgeRock Download Center and other locations.

Download the required files for your sample deployment:

Component Downloads








Platform UI3


1 Download this from the Apache site; ForgeRock does not ship Apache software.

2 Separate identity stores deployment only. Download these from the MySQL site; ForgeRock does not ship MySQL software.

3 (Optional) The alternative is to pull the Platform IU Docker images.

Basic requirements

These basic evaluation requirements concern the sample deployments.

Before deploying the platform in production, make sure the deployment meets all the requirements for each server component product. For details, refer to the release notes for each product.

Memory and disk space

These are basic sizing requirements for each sample deployment:

  • Reserve 1 GB RAM for each server product you install.

  • Reserve at least 10 GB disk space for the files.

  • For DS, reserve 5% + 1 GB of the filesystem size as free disk space.

Production deployments may have very different requirements.

Operating systems

Common supported operating systems for the server component products include:

  • Microsoft Windows Server

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Rocky Linux

  • Ubuntu Linux

For details, refer to the release notes for each product.

Although it is not a supported operating system for the platform, you can try the sample deployments on Apple macOS.


Supported Java versions for the sample deployments include:

  • Java 17.0.8 or later

Before installing the servers, set the JAVA_HOME environment variable.

Keep your Java installation up-to-date with the latest security fixes. Some security features may require later updates.

For details, refer to the release notes for each product.

Hosts and ports

The sample deployments use these hostnames and port numbers:

Component Hostname Port numbers


HTTP: 8081


Admin: 4444

LDAP: 1389

LDAPS: 1636


HTTP: 8080

HTTPS: 8443


HTTP: 9080

HTTPS: 9443

Platform Admin UI

HTTP: 8082

Platform End User UI

HTTP: 8888

Platform Login UI

HTTP: 8083

Sample deployment on a single computer

The sample deployments assume all servers are deployed on their own hosts.

To try a sample deployment on a single computer, the recommended alternative is to use the ForgeOps Cloud Developer’s Kit (CDK) on Minikube.

If you nevertheless choose to demonstrate these sample deployments on your computer, add aliases for the fully qualified domain names used for the servers and platform UIs to your /etc/hosts file:
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