ForgeRock Identity Platform 7.5

Release notes

The ForgeRockĀ® Identity Platform is a comprehensive security solution providing a unified platform for access management, identity management, user-managed access, directory services, and an identity gateway.

Refer to the component product release notes for details:

Component What’s new Fixes Deprecation

AM 7.5

DS 7.5

IDM 7.5

IG 2024.3

When you follow the links, you find the release notes for each component product include information about:

  • Deployment requirements and prerequisites

  • New features and improvements

  • Fixes, limitations, and known issues

  • Compatibility changes, deprecation notices, and discontinued features

Before you deploy a component product in production, make sure you review its release notes.

For details about changes to the sample deployments since the previous release, refer to Upgrade.

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