AM 7.5.0

Select Identity Provider node

Presents the user with a list of configured, enabled, social identity providers to use for authentication.

Use this node with the Social Provider Handler node to use the Social Identity Provider Service.

This node can be configured to only show identity providers the user has already associated with their account, such as in account claiming flows, where a user wishes to associate a new social identity provider with an account that is being authenticated with social authentication.

The node has two possible outputs: social authentication and local authentication. Local authentication can be turned off by disabling Include local authentication. In cases such as account claiming, where the user has already authenticated once and is associating a new identity provider, the node only displays a local sign in option if it detects that the user’s account has a password attribute.

This node returns the SelectIdPCallback when more than one social identity provider is enabled, or a single provider is enabled as well as the Local Authentication option, It then requires a choice from the user. If no choice from the user is required, authentication proceeds to the next node in the flow.


Product Compatible?

ForgeRock Identity Cloud


ForgeRock Access Management (self-managed)


ForgeRock Identity Platform (self-managed)



  • Social Authentication

  • Local Authentication

To turn off local authentication, disable Include local authentication.


Property Usage

Include local authentication

Whether local authentication is included as a method for authenticating.

Offer only existing providers

ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments only. Enable this when the social identity provider choices offered should be limited to those already associated with a user object. Use this when a user is authenticating using a new social identity provider, and an account associated with that user already exists (also known as "account claiming").

Password attribute

ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments only. The attribute in the user object that stores a user’s password for use during local authentication.

Identity Attribute

ForgeRock Identity Platform deployments only. The attribute used to identify an existing user. Required to support the offer of only existing providers.

Filter Enabled Providers

By default, the node displays all identity providers marked as Enabled in the Social Identity Provider Service as a selectable option. Specify the name of one of more providers to filter the list.

View the names of your configured social identity providers in AM admin UI under Realms > Realm name > Services > Social Identity Provider Service > Secondary Configurations.

If this field is not empty, providers must be in the list and must be enabled in the Social Identity Provider service to appear. If left blank, the node displays all enabled providers.

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