AM 7.5.0

Retrieve recording information

Information recorded by AM is stored at the path debugFileLocation/record/issueID/referenceID. For example, if the debug file location is /home/openam/debug, the issue ID 103572, and the reference ID policyEvalFails, the path containing recorded information is /home/openam/debug/record/103572/policyEvalFails.

When there are multiple recording events with the same issueID and referenceID, AM appends a timestamp to the referenceID of the earliest paths. For example, multiple recording events for issue ID 103572 and reference ID policyEvalFails might be stored at the following paths:

  • Most recent recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails

  • Next most recent recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails_2015-10-24-11-48-51-902-PDT

  • Earliest recording: debugFileLocation/record/103572/policyEvalFails_2015-08-10-15-15-10-140-PDT

AM compresses the output from recording events when you set the zipEnable property to true. The output file can be found at the path debugFileLocation/record/issueID/ For example, compressed output for a recording event for issue ID 103572 and reference ID policyEvalFails might be stored at the following path: debugFileLocation/record/103572/

Use the referenceID property value to segregate output when reproducing the same problem multiple times. For example, while troubleshooting case 103572, you notice that you only have a problem when evaluating policy for members of the Finance realm. You could trigger two recording events as follows:

Segregate recording output using the referenceID
AM behavior referenceIDValue Recording output path

Policy evaluation behaves as expected for members of the Engineering realm.



Policy evaluation unexpectedly fails for members of the Finance realm.



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