AM 7.5.0

Online REST API reference

AM provides an online REST API reference that you can access through the AM admin UI. The API Explorer displays the REST API endpoints that let client applications access AM’s services.

The API Explorer is enabled by default. For security reasons, it’s strongly recommended that you disable it in production environments.

To disable the API Explorer, go to Configure > Global Services > REST APIs, and select Disabled in the API Descriptors drop-down list.

The key features of the API Explorer are the following:

API versioning

The API Explorer displays the different API versions available depending on your deployment.

API Explorer, accessible from the AM admin UI
Figure 1. API Explorer
Detailed information

The API Explorer provides an Expand Operations button for each available CRUDPAQ method. Expand Operations displays implementation notes, successful response class, headers, parameters, and response messages with workable examples. For example, you can populate the requestPayload field with your own value.

If you select Model, you can view the schema for each parameter, as follows:

The API Explorer page provides a Try It Out function that allows you to see the possible responses to an example request. The requestPayload field also provides a Model function to display the schema.
Figure 2. API Explorer Request Payload
Try It Out

The Try It Out feature lets you send a sample request to the endpoint and view the possible responses.

The API Explorer page displays detailed information for each method.
Figure 3. API Explorer Detailed Information

When using the Try It Out feature:

  • The example payload values are auto-generated.

    While they may be the correct data type, their values may not be correct for the API to function correctly. Refer to the Model tab for a description of the required value, and replace the example values before sending the REST request to AM.

  • Queries in the API Explorer are hard-coded to target the top-level realm.

    To access information in realms other than the top-level realm, use the API Explorer REST calls as an example, then construct your own REST calls targeting the endpoints in other realms.

    For details, refer to Specify realms in REST API calls.

Access the API Explorer

You can access the API Explorer in one of two ways:

  1. Point your browser to the following URL:
  2. Click the help icon in the top-right corner of the AM admin UI, then click API Explorer.

    API Explorer, accessible from the help icon on the AM admin UI
    Figure 4. API Explorer
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