AM 7.5.0

Tune AM

This page covers key AM tuning strategies to ensure performant access and federation management, and to maximize throughput while minimizing response times.

The recommendations provided here are guidelines for your testing rather than hard and fast rules for every situation. Said another way, the fact that a given setting is configurable implies that no one setting is right in all circumstances.

The extent to which performance tuning advice applies depends to a large extent on your requirements, on your workload, and on what resources you have available. Test suggestions before rolling them out into production.

The suggestions in this page apply to AM deployments with the following characteristics:

  • The deployment has a dedicated DS server for the Core Token Service. The host running this directory server is a high-end server with a large amount of memory and multiple CPUs.

  • The AM server is configured to use server-side sessions.

The following table summarizes the high-level tasks required to tune an AM instance:

Task Resources

Tune general AM settings

Tune connectivity to LDAP data stores

Tune the JVM where AM runs

Tune the configuration and user cache

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