AM 7.5.0

Policy sets in the UI

You manage policy sets through the AM admin UI. Go to Realms > Realm Name > Authorization > Policy Sets.

To…​ Action

Create a policy set

Click + New Policy Set.

When creating a policy set, specify an ID and select at least one resource type.

You cannot change the ID after you create the policy set.

Modify a policy set

Click the policy set name or the pencil icon ().

Delete a policy set

Click the delete icon () or click the policy set name then the x Delete button.

The AM admin UI prevents deletion if the set contains any policies.

Policy set names

Do not use any of the following characters in policy, policy set, or resource type names:

Double quotes (")
Plus sign (+)
Comma (,)
Less than (<)
Equals (=)
Greater than (>)
Backslash (\)
Forward slash (/)
Semicolon (;)
Null (\u0000)

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