AM 7.5.0


The /oauth2/connect/endSession endpoint is defined in OpenID Connect Session Management 1.0 - draft 5.

Use this endpoint to terminate authenticated end-user sessions. For details on ending session state, refer to Session management.

To find the URL for this endpoint, read the end_session_endpoint field of the well-known configuration endpoint for the realm:

$ curl
  "…​": "…​",
  "end_session_endpoint": "",
  "…​": "…​"

Supported parameters

The end session endpoint supports the following query parameters:

Parameter Description Required


Uniquely identifies the application making the request.

This parameter is not compliant with the specification.

Yes, when the ID token is encrypted


Previously issued ID token identifying the end user’s session.



Redirect to this URI after logout.

This must match one of the values in the Post Logout Redirect URIs setting of the client profile.

By default, this profile setting is empty. To update the setting in the AM admin UI, go to Realms > Realm Name > Applications > OAuth 2.0 > Client ID > OpenID Connect.


The post_logout_redirect_uri parameter determines the result on successful logout:

  • If included, AM redirects to the specified location.

  • If omitted, AM returns HTTP 204 No Content to indicate the end user logged out.


AM deletes the end user’s session on successful logout and redirects to the post logout URL:

$ curl \
--dump-header - \
--request GET \
HTTP/2 302
content-length: 0
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