Before You Upgrade

Fulfill these requirements before upgrading Directory Services software, especially before upgrading the software in a production environment. Also see the requirements listed in Requirements.

Supported Java

DS software supports the following Java environments:

Supported Java Versions
Vendor Versions

OpenJDK, including OpenJDK-based distributions:

  • AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Adoptium

  • Amazon Corretto

  • Azul Zulu

  • Red Hat OpenJDK

ForgeRock tests most extensively with AdoptOpenJDK/Eclipse Adoptium.

ForgeRock recommends using the HotSpot JVM.


Oracle Java


DS requires Java 11.0.6 or later. Earlier Java 11 updates lack required cryptography fixes.

If the server uses an older version that is no longer supported, install a newer Java version before upgrading. To enable the server to use the newer Java version, edit the setting in the opendj/config/ file.

Required Credentials

Perform the upgrade procedure as the user who owns the server files.

Make sure you have the credentials to run commands as this user.

Back Up First

Before upgrading, perform a full file system backup of the current server so that you can revert on failure. Make sure you stop the directory server and back up the file system directory where the current server is installed.

Backup archives are not guaranteed to be compatible across major and minor server releases. Restore backups only on directory servers of the same major or minor version.

Disable Windows Service

If you are upgrading a server registered as a Windows service, disable the Windows service before upgrade:

C:\path\to\opendj\bat> windows-service.bat --disableService

After upgrade, enable the server as a Windows service again.