DS 7.2.5

Deployment checklists

Use these checklists when deploying your directory service:

Initiate the project

Task Done?

Understand the business requirements for your DS deployment

Identify key client applications

Identify project stakeholders

Define SLOs based on business requirements

Define project scope

Define project roles and responsibilities

Schedule DS training for deployment team members

Prepare supportability

Task Done?

Find out how to get help and support from ForgeRock and partners

Find out how to get training from ForgeRock and partners

Find out how to keep up to date with new development and new releases

Find out how to report problems

Design the service

Task Done?

Understand the roles of directory components

Define architecture, mapping requirements to component features

Define the directory data model

Define the directory access model

Define the replication model

Define how to backup, restore, and recover data

Define how you will monitor and audit the service

Determine how to harden and secure the service

Develop the service

Task Done?

Engage development of custom server plugins as necessary

Apply configuration management

Create a test plan

Engage automation, continuous integration

Create a documentation plan

Create a maintenance and support plan

Pilot the implementation

Size systems to provision for production

Execute test plans

Execute documentation plans

Create a rollout plan in alignment with all stakeholders

Prepare patch and upgrade plans

Implement the service

Task Done?

Ensure appropriate support for production services

Execute the rollout plan

Engage ongoing monitoring and auditing services

Engage ongoing maintenance and support

Maintain the service

Task Done?

Execute patch and upgrade plans as necessary

Plan how to adapt the deployment to new and changing requirements

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