DS 7.4.2


setup-profile — configure profiles in an offline OpenDJ server instance


setup-profile {options}


This utility configures profiles in an offline OpenDJ server instance. There are no setup profiles available for this OpenDJ version



The setup-profile command takes the following options:

Command options:

--help-profile {name[:version]}

Display profile parameters.

--instancePath {path}

Path of the server instance where profiles should be setup. Default: /path/to/opendj

--profile {name[:version]}

Name of the profile to be configured. If the version is not specified, the most recent version older or equal to this OpenDJ version is used. Use this option multiple times to apply multiple profiles.

--set[:env|:file] {[profileName/]parameterName:value}

Assign a value to a setup profile parameter. Profile name must be provided if multiple profiles are provided, indicate the profile that a parameter applies to by using the profileName/parameterName format.

Utility input/output options:


No properties file will be used to get default command line argument values. Default: false

--propertiesFilePath {propertiesFilePath}

Path to the file containing default property values used for command line arguments.

General options:

-V | --version

Display Directory Server version information. Default: false

-H | --help

Display this usage information. Default: false

Exit codes


The command completed successfully.

> 0

An error occurred.

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